Dear Internet: You're Welcome

Entirely ignoring the fact that my last post was back in September, hey guys! Since we last checked in, I've finished Rockall Part I, made a website, started posting pages of Rockall biweekly on part of said website (it's on hiatus this week while I start inking the first pages of Part II), I made a little three-page comic over at Wunderkammer that crosses over both stories, I renewed the nolens-volens domain name, I read the Hunger Games trilogy, I saw the new Studio Ghibli film, my cousin had her baby, and scientists discovered an asteroid that they might actually have to blow up before it crashes into us in 2040. No shade. Bruce Willis is going up in space, you guys.

Oh, and I turned 25 yesterday. And in celebration, I drew THIS:

May it give you all as many lulz as I had while drawing it.
You're welcome.

And all due respect to Craig Thompson and Habibi, of course.
I just...I just...stupid chickens.

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