Well, Fancy Seeing you Here!

I'm finally back at school, and with access to the incredible school scanners. In fact, my internship this year is scanning an enormous backlog of one of my professors, renowned comic artist, and all-around awesome human being, Stephen Bissette! Most of you reading this blog post in the next few days will probably have been linked here from his blog, in which case, thanks for the shout-out, Steve!

So, the last time I touched this blog was right when the spring semester was winding down, and here we are, three+ months later, as the fall semester of my final year of grad school picks up. What did I do with my time this summer, you ask? Was it worth neglecting to post any new and interesting things? To answer those questions in reverse order, yes, and: traveling. I did not spend more than two weeks in any one place between the 1st of June and the 1st of September. I took lots of notes, and lots of pictures, and while all of the ones from my transcontinental railroad trip (oh yes, I took the train from Los Angeles, California to New London, CT; it took three days and two layovers in Chicago and Washington, D.C) were erroneously deleted when I tried to recharge my new phone to my old iTunes account (there was much cursing), the MEMORIES still remain. The point is, I have tons of crazy stories that need to be commemorated with exaggerated blog posts and mini-comics, and I will be bombarding this blog to make up for all of the neglect.

Among some of the places I visited:
1. The Isle of Palms, SC
2. Charlotte, NC
3. Rehobeth Beach, DE
4. Philadelphia, PA
5. New York City, NY
6. Malibu, CA
7. Topanga Canyon, CA
8. Los Angeles, CA
9. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut (in the train)
10. Bordeaux, France
11. Jersey City, NJ

This summer. It was the best summer ever, you guys. And it will never happen again, but I'm ok with that. THIS SUMMER, I LIIIIIVED! Look forward to comics! :D

But enough talking--here's some artwork! One of our first assignments this fall was to create a 10-Panel Pitch, an entire story laid out in ten strategically timed comic panels, with a description of the action contained therein. I outlined a story about a sort of alternate-history post-WWI world, where "gentlemen architects" of the upper class of society like to pass their time by designing aesthetically pleasing feats of architecture that they then have to immure one of their family members within the cornerstone in order to construct (a secret practice known only to the Architect's Guild and the construction workers, who don't care what the Patricians do with their daughters). The Bridge of Arta is an actual place, with its own Wikipedia article and everything, and apparently at one point in history it was actually a thing to bury ladies in building foundations, or kill kids and mix their blood in with the mortar to bless an edifice and ensure it stood forever. NONSENSE, UTTER NONSENSE, ALL OF IT. But terribly, terribly interesting nonsense.

If I ever have enough time to wrestle with perspective and architecture, I would really enjoy fleshing this pitch out and making a go at it :)

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