No, literally: Holy Shit, A Comics Anthology I was part of, was reviewed by Rob Clough of The Comics Journal. I was voted most satirical! Considering that my contribution to a collection of religious stories was a satirical collection of religious stories based on the history of Catholicism, I'm definitely happy with that statement. Thanks, Rob!

On a related note, Gary Groth, the editor-in-chief of The Comics Journal and co-founder of Fantagraphics Books is here today for Industry Day, and I have a meeting with him in a little over an hour. My other meeting is with Chris Duffy, so Big Leagues all the way!

And in OTHER news, ROCKALL's won an award!!! It's like I'm a legitimate cartoonist or something, haha!

The April Fog Memorial Scholarship is a program that started last year at The Center for Cartoon Studies, where I'm currently in my last semester before (hopefully!) getting a Master's Degree in Cartooning. We've got two pinball machines on campus, and this is the second year that half of the quarters put in them were donated to four seniors to put towards the printing costs of their thesis projects. I am one of those seniors, and ROCKALL is that thesis project! Here's a pretty picture of my certificate:

I even put on lipstick for this photoshoot, although you can't tell. I was not, however, wearing pants.

You can read more about the scholarship, my friends who also won, and pinball in general HERE :D !

In other-OTHER news, I now have a bike! My parents pulled her out of a dumpster in Connecticut, and my dad helped me fix her flat tires over Spring Break. Much to my mom's chagrin, I stuffed this relic in the back of my car and high-tailed it back up to Vermont, where I have thus far ridden her once to the park, once to the post box, and once to school. It's been really cold this week, ok?! And I'm out of shape.

This bike, she is older than I am. And, why yes, that is a Vespa helmet dangling from those handlebars.

My mom can't be holding too much of a grudge, though, because she sent me a care package of every single kind of Girl Scout cookie, plus a foot-tall solid chocolate rabbit.

Happy Easter to ME.