Hi, Internet! How've you been? I've really been digging all of your new cat videos!

Finally, just in time to have entirely missed Summer, I have emerged from under my rock in order to let you all know that I am, in fact, still alive, and to announce that I am the proud owner of a kitten lo these past few months! His name is Eugene, and he has many thumbs.

Any of you following my Twitter account already know ALLLLL about Mewgene, haha!

In other news, I have actually been working on comics! A group of CCS alumni, myself included, are in the process of making a 71-page, full-color story, the contents of which I cannot tell you, as it is secret. But it should hopefully be out, either as a PDF or a book--or BOTH!--by the end of the year. It's awesome. It's like a Coen Brothers movie...but it's a comic. Once I get the go-ahead to start actually talking about it, I will talk ALL about it. Don't worry.

I'm also sloooowly chipping away on ROCKALL. I'm trying to ink and scan as many pages of Part III as possible before I lose easy access to CCS's amazing lab computers and large-format scanners (I'm moving back to the sea in a few weeks, because Vermont is landlocked and it's finally driven me insane), but soon--SOON!--updates will be back to their regular schedule.

Speaking of moving, my roommate Melanie Gillman just recently moved back to her homestate of Colorado, and this was my going-away present for her:

I framed it in GOOOOOOLD.

Melanie, who is an amazing cartoonist, and whose work you should totally check out (She works all in colored pencils! One of her pages, which was entirely a spot black, took her SEVEN HOURS. It's incredible), got peer-pressured into watching The Legend of Korra with me, which led to rewatching the entirety of The Last Airbender with our entire household; which led to a discussion of shipping (we have a lot of Zutara fans here, haha!), which IN TURN led to Melanie shipping herself and Lin Beifong. BECAUSE WHY NOT? I ship it. And that is the tale of how this image came to be. Cool story, bro!

Is anyone else going to SPX this weekend? I'll be volunteering at the Center for Cartoon Studies table, J5, on Saturday from 5 to 7! Come say hi! I don't have anything new to show, but I'm really friendly and have been starved for human interaction all summer (read: I penciled 136 pages in the past three months). IT'LL BE FUN, I PROMISE.