How'd You Spend Your Wednesday Night?

I spent mine making a goddam BOOK! And then watching RuPaul's Drag Race, but that is neither here nor there.

Awwww yeahhhh

Bookbinding is surprisingly easy, though rather time consuming. Thanks to spying on fellow classmates both making their own (thanks, Dakota McFadzean!) and listening in on their Skype sessions with book-making gurus (thanks, Beth Hetland!), I was able to turn out a pretty decent mock-up of what ROCKALL will look like when it's done. SPOILER: it looks purtee.

A spine?! What is this, a real book?

Now we get to walk through, because I am very proud of myself and took a ton of pictures:

Let's crack that cover open, shall we?



It even lays nice and flat.

Hey, Part II!

You can even flip through the pages, revealing spoilers for Parts II and III!

The spoiler is that they're only pencils at this point.

"Wow, Gurl!" I can hear you all saying, "That's a lot of book!" Why yes, Internet; yes, it is. 144 pages lot, in fact! It's quite thick and makes a wonderful noise when abruptly snapped shut.

Not pictured: wonderful noise.

The covers are covered with faux suede; it's supposed to look and feel a lot like sealskin, since one of the main characters in the story is supposedly a selkie. It's a bit macabre, I guess, but it feels delightfully unctuous (which I just mispelled so badly spellcheck thought I was shooting for "unambitious," ouch). But the icing on the cake is the tiny book sweaters! SO MANY TINY BOOK SWEATERS!

The textile factor of these books just exploded. Don't even bother reading the contents--JUST TOUCH THEM!

Books! I can make them!

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