Oh hey, everyone! Remember how, about nine months ago, I was excitedly yapping about how I got accepted to Cartoon School and would be making comics all of the time? And then I didn't update for the ensuing, aforementioned, nine months? WELL I DIDN'T DIE, I'VE BEEN MAKING COMICS. SO MANY COMICS. And you will be hearing all about it soon, since we just handed in our final projects and I suddenly have free time to do things like write verbose blog posts to make up for lost time--but you've all been waiting long enough to see new stuff! Am I right, or am I right? Or amirite.

SO! Over the next week or so I'll be uploading the 16 pages of my first year mini-thesis project, which covers the first part of what will be a longer story that will probably be my senior thesis for next year. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the cover and first four pages of ROCKALL:

ROCKALL's a spin on the traditional Irish and Scottish selkie folktales, entirely drawn by hand on smooth Bristol board using a Pentel Brush pen and an ink wash. Oh, and all the characters speak in Brogue! 8D

But what about Wunderkammer?! I hear you say; because, really, that's the only reason you've all been so patient and stuck around through my terrible internet etiquette. If all goes according to plan, Wunderkammer updates will be resuming by the end of the month! Those pages will be uploaded to the main site, nolens-volens.net, and I'll be taking down everything non-Wunderkammer related over there and repost it here, along with new stuff. It's time to get my act together! HONESTLY! I need you all to collectively slap me through the intertubes.

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