All The Pages. ALL of Them!

Today was the last day of classes for my first year at Graduate School. For comics. I'm livin' the dream! But where has the time gone?! I'll tell ya: it's gone into making this final project! And now probably a lot of this upcoming week until the Seniors graduate will be spent hanging out at parties; today's, the first of a presumed many, was a reading party so us First Years could check out the Seniors' stuff and vice-versa. It was awesome! I got to trade for a couple of amazing comics and even sold a copy of ROCKALL like a real professional, haha; thanks, Carl!

Three whole dollars, and suddenly I'm a legitimate cartoonist, haha! Back in my day, that would have bought 300 Swedish fish at the local corner store, or 60 Bazooka Joes. I'm rich! RICH, I TELL YA!

Speaking of ROCKALL, here are the last pages of Part I:

TO BE CONTINUED! Unfortunately not until next fall since I'm going to finish the story for my Senior Thesis :( But! I have a couple summer projects in the works and, of course, Wunderkammer is back in business!


  1. Bravo on last day of First Year, and on your sale. Not to mention, ROCKALL! Rock on, I say!

  2. Wow, wow, Mia, I'm flashed, I'm amazed, I'm in love with your thesis project! Hope you're doing well - I want to write you some more, which I will do as soon as I find a minute -