Even MORE Pages!

For those of you not subscribing to my Twitter account (I'd encourage you to, but most of my tweets are nonsensical real-time comments about terrible movies I've found to watch on TV), The Center for Cartoon Studies trivia team beat the pants off of the Dartmouth teams! So what if trivia happens in a pizza place where lots of beer is consumed, and it's Ivy League finals week? I got a Sam Adams shirt! And I'm selling us short, since we usually do better than many of the accredited school's teams and we come up with better team names every week. SO THERE, Dartmouth!

There are FIVE pages up tonight, since otherwise I would have had to split up a two-page spread. Time for some juicy gossip and geography!

Last three pages up tomorrow night, as well as the back cover!


  1. this looks so GOOD!! what you did with the characters here is very powerful and engaging. a lot of really amazing emotional stuff going that hints at what's to come.