Uh, hi. I haven't updated this in so long I feel like I should be reintroducing myself, haha! So hello, Internet! Nice to meet you!

Certain exciting things have been happening in my life since we last spoke. My internship was extended again, all the way to the end of May! I turned 23! My cousin got engaged, and asked me to be a bridesmaid; she and her fiance are starting up a frozen yogurt company in Northampton, MA and they've asked me to help design their logo! Airlines started charging exorbitant amounts for carry-on luggage!

Oh, and I got accepted into the Master's Degree Program at The Center for Cartoon Studies!!!
So it's official: I'm going to have a terribly eclectic collection of college diplomas, none of which guarantee a life of financial stability. My father weeps.

Since it has been such a long time since I've posted anything on this blog, I've decided to upload the entirety of my application comic; flooding you with images as compensation for five months of silence, haha! That, and I've had hardly any time to draw anything else .v. Sorry.
Those of you following Wunderkammer may recognize page four; again, sorry.

The application required at least two pages starring myself, the ocean, a robot, a piece of fruit, and a snowman, although how we chose to combine those elements was entirely up to us! Fun fact: as a History geek, EVERYTHING I DO IS CONDEMNED TO TURN INTO A HISTORICAL ANECDOTE.
Also, thar be some salty language ahead! Be ye warned!

This comic co-stars the oldest wooden-chain-link fence in Connecticut! Or maybe New England. That factoid is a little hazy in my mind; I heard it, in passing, on a sailboat in October of Seventh Grade, and I totally wasn't paying attention because the popular, cute kid was trying to chat me up for my spare sweater. No, Steven; you should have come prepared. I DON'T CARE HOW IMMACULATELY GELLED AND SPIKED YOUR HAIR IS.

But I can assure you that the fence is still there, and only about 100 feet from the house in which I grew up. Ah, nostalgia.

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