don't be neglectin' the gerkins!

Wow, I've really been neglecting this sketchblog! Sorry D:

What you have missed:
  1. I finally got ahold of an original copy of the Sims 2, without SecuRom, so I can play again! (Hooray for having no life!)
  2. Sailing! Sunday it was gusting 25 knots, and my father and I--with only a reefed main--covered an area that takes an hour and a half with a 5hp outboard in 16 minutes. Ha-HAH! The last time it blew that hard around here was 4th of July Weekend, when my boss got into a boating accident and broke four of her ribs and fractured a vertebrae. Ouch. But, speaking of work...
  3. I got the position I wanted in New York, as an intern in a two-floor, 8,000 square foot gallery in Chelsea! Then I got home and learned my current internship had been extended by a month, and after my big presentation on Tuesday was informed that they want to keep me on until at least December 31st. Soooo...I was afraid of being a Museum Studies graduate in this economy and suddenly it's raining jobs.
Anyway, what you're really here for!

So this was my original concept art for Amschel and Kristina. I researched their nightshirts and EVERYTHING. But, you say, they look nothing like they appear in the comic! THAT would be because I didn't refer to this when I started--from memory--and didn't realize there was a discrepancy until about ten pages in. WHOOPS. Whatever, I can incorporate things in later scenes, and I kind of like the way their faces have evolved in the final version. And it's good that they aren't the same height anymore.


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