breaking the ice

Well, look how fancy this is! Except for the poorly photoshopped banner, that is; but I don't have the patience to make something that's exactly 700 pixels wide. Hence, the inclusion of a fresco on the outside of a church on a cliff in Rocamador, France (famous for the sword Roland threw halfway across the country from Blaye, stuck in the mountain to this day)! Problem solved.

I decided I wanted a sketchblog a while ago, but livejournal is out of the question because I have too many emo high school memories associated with that site (also, I'm too stupid to figure out how to do cuts; I feel like that matters less here?). Besides, I like my sketches too much to exile them to the graveyard of forgotten and broken dreams that is my deviantArt scraps page, and I can't figure out how to nicely upload them to the Wunderkammer webcomic without detracting from the story so, ugh. UGH! Fie on you, technology!

Anyway, the whole point of this:

Brainstorming for upcoming pages! I, uh, have decided not to go with the bottom-left one; it's a little too oracle-from-300 for my tastes D: Silhouettes and dynamic action frames have never been my strong suits. Practice!

i enjoy talking to mysellllllf

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